Before the Internet, TV was the tool with the most reach for marketers.  Remember during that broadcast of of Friends (Ross & Rachel, OMG!), marketers could buy commericals nationally OR locally in various markets.  

This type of local media buy was an efficient way to reach the geo-segment of the audience near a specific local business OR a regional/national one that needed growth in a certain DMA.


Fast forward, to 2015 and this was what we know today as Geo-Targeting and Geo-Fencing.

Tracon’s marketing experts and our relationship with major publishers and ad networks, enable us to give clients QUALITY reach on digital platforms down to 2 mile radii.  What does that mean in english?

  • Get your marketing message displayed on apps and mobile websites around your congressional district.
  • Push your advertising to phones in that office building across the street from your store during lunch time.
  • Hit the stadium mobile users leading up to the big game.

If you have an address, building, city or zip code – we can reach the mobile web users there.  Tracon Geo-Fence style!